Being a Good Neighbor

When you buy a home in Jacksonville, you’re not just buying a building for your family to live in. You’re buying a spot in a community, and in the lives of everyone who lives around you. Building quality communities is what drew us to real estate in the first place. We enjoy helping families find a home with the right number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and features, but what we are really passionate about is putting people in the right spot to make friends, raise their children, and enrich their lives.

Becoming part of a community doesn’t happen overnight. Buying a home and moving in is only the first step. The important work comes in the days and years after, and the key to success is making sure you’re the best neighbor you can be. To help our customers really integrate into their neighborhoods, we put together this quick guide featuring some easy tips on how to be the best neighbor you can possibly be.

Take the First Steps

It sounds obvious, but the real key to being a good neighbor is to take initiative. Don’t wait for your new neighbors to come to you. Ring their doorbells, introduce yourself, and maybe bring a gift. You’ll be amazed how much difference it makes. Letting your neighbors know that you’re interested in building relationships is the first step in creating friendships that could last a lifetime.

Be Considerate

Another obvious tip, but it bears repeating. Showing respect for your neighbors is the best way to make sure that the relationship is harmonious. This means doing the little things to keep your neighbors happy, whether it’s quieting down your dog when it barks at night or keeping your lawn neatly cut. Keeping your new home in Jacksonville presentable doesn’t just give your neighbors something nice to look at, it can actually help raise their property value!

Keep an Eye Out

What makes a community work is a sense of shared responsibility for everyone’s wellbeing. What happens to one person in your neighborhood affects everyone else. That’s why good neighbors are always looking out for the people around them. Whether it’s organizing or participating in a neighborhood watch program or just keeping your eyes peeled for anything that might have a negative impact, being conscientious of your neighbors’ safety is a great way to help make your neighborhood a wonderful place to live.


Good relationships with your neighbors don’t just happen. It takes work and dedication. If there’s an event happening in your neighborhood, go and mingle! If you’re having a party or a barbecue, invite your neighbors to attend. Even something as simple as a friendly hello when you meet in your driveways can help you build a stronger community and make friends in your neighborhood.

Remember, when you buy a home in Ponte Vedra Beach or Jacksonville Beach, you’re doing more than buying a building. You’re becoming part of the special community that makes Northeast Florida one of the most desirable places to live in the country. A little effort goes a long way toward keeping those communities strong and vibrant. Do your part, and you’ll be shocked how much positive impact it will have in your life!